What Will My REALTOR® Do For Me?

I can’t speak for all REALTORS® but I can tell you what you can count on if you allow Donna Clayton Lloyd the privilege of being your REALTOR®. As your REALTOR® it will be my privilege to walk with you through the process of a new home purchase which include:

  1. Acquiring your financing. We’ll explore best options, get you pre-approved for a mortgage loan or pre-verified as a viable cash purchase client. This is the second step to home purchase after selecting your REALTOR® and puts you absolutely in the strongest negotiating position a Buyer can be in.
  2. Familiarizing you with the community and surrounding area and its amenities;
  3. Scheduling your house hunt viewing appointments and assisting you in establishing the criteria for making the best home selection.realtor_neon
  4. Negotiating an Offer to Purchase that gives you the best Buyer Advantages
  5. Coordinating and completing appropriate inspections to confirm your decision is a wise one for a safe and strong investment. As a member of my Happy House Hunter Club you will have access to other professional service providers in the area who are committed to provide excellent clients services during the home purchase process. You will also have access to a large library of information for any particular areas where you need to know more to be sure!
  6. Assist you in planning for your move in.
  7. Guiding you through all events that lead up to a successful closing on your purchase.
  8. Accompanying you for your Final Walk-thru and The Closing Ceremony for you new home purchase
  9. Being an on-going resource for professional and personal contacts and resources you will need throughout your residency.
  10. Be a professional resource you can refer to family and friends who have real estate questions in the future.

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