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Ready to clean closets, clear cupboards, can clutter? Hard to part with precious pieces of your life and items that you know are useful.. but you don't use! It's a lot easier to let go when you are also giving to the needs of others. Call Hope Harbor Variety Store and their folks will pull right up to your back door and haul off ever box, bag and big thing you are ready to part with. They take clothes, books, toys, appliances, furniture. You name it, they take it. Items are refurbished and recycled through the Hope Harbor Variety Store and proceeds are used to support the HOPE HARBOR (www.hhcm.org) ministries to recovering alcoholics and addicts. They help you, you help others. Doesn't get better than that!



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Got a roll of carpet that never got put down, or nearly new carpet the former home owner put in that is NOT your color of choice? Have unused cans of paint, building supplies, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, etc? The RE-STORE may be able to use these items to resell and recycle funds for the building of new Habitat For Humanity projects. Partnering with URBAN MINISTRIES this is one worthwile project. Give them a call and they will pick up what you can't use and make it count for someone who can!
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