Let'sGoHouseHunting! Directions

1) Click the Let'sGoHouseHunting!™ link below.

2) Select the criteria for your search and hit the search button. Voila', you'll get a line listing with thumbnail photo of the home, price and minimum details for all the homes that fit your established criteria.

3) Click the magnifying glass icon to open an expanded page with a much fuller detailed view of properties that are of interest to you.

4) From any listing page that is of interest to you, you can click the email link and email me about that property. (Give me address/ MLS # reference). I can follow up to provide you with more information and make arrangements to show you anything that is of interest, no matter who the listing company is. I can show it all! You’ve got yourself a one-stop-shopping-guide!

Contact Me:

Donna Clayton Lloyd
Office: (910) 223-0700
Cell: (910) 964-0300
Fax: (910) 323-1147


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